Behind success is a strong mindset which believes it possible. I have made my way through many of my life’s activities, from sport to business and music, without ever changing my mindset. What is needed is positivity, motivation, desire, a thick skin in the event of non-constructive criticism, self-belief. I believe that if you think you can do it, you will do it. And I’ve always believed it.

Keeping in shape

Training is a key element in my everyday life. Not a single day passes in which I let myself go or put off keeping in shape until tomorrow. I’ve always seen the body as a car: whether its a functional vehicle or a luxury car I believe it is our task to look after it carefully, never missing an MOT to make sure it’s always at its best. A person in good physical shape is a happy person and happiness has always been at the heart of achieving my results.


As Ludwig Feuerbach said as far back as 1862, “Man is what he eats”. For years I sought out information to make my diet my primary strength. The body-psyche bond is undeniable and a perfect link up between them is crucial to obtaining inner peace and the ability to manage situations which we frequently feel to be out of our reach. Success begins with nutrition and the energy deriving from it.


My parents gave me the most classic bourgeois education possible. My father was hard working but a little aloof and little inclined to dialogue, my mother was strict, ambitious and always working on my sense of duty to get me to go beyond my limitations and stand out from the rest. From them I learnt good manners and respect for myself and those I met along the way. But first and foremost I took on board the concept that getting to the top requires a certain brashness tempered, however, by plenty of humility.

The business world.

Financial success is a matter of being aware of your own peculiarities. At around twenty years of age I decided I wanted to ‘be someone’ in business and achieve more than my grandfather, firstly, and my father, later. A future oriented mind and an above average forecasting ability gained through experience led to me making progress in the investment world from my youth. I made a modest family firm into a world colossus and then invested for years in firms distributed across various sectors. This was made possible by putting fears to one side and risking, being daring on the basis of what I strongly believed to be possible.


In 2014 I opened an Instagram account, as something of a game, with the intention of showing certain people that injustice would not succeed in denying me happiness. I began showcasing my life to get myself, and anyone following me, smiling. Since then I have based my ultra-personal way of looking at, and encouraging others to look at, things on the mottoes ENJOY and RESILIENCE, getting a record number of followers - over 14 million. I am happy to have succeeded in getting people to take life a little less seriously.


At fifty years of age my passion for music prompted me to embark on a career as professional DJ. I pushed myself to transform what had always been a great hobby into something bigger, something I have always required of myself. Playing in the world’s most famous night clubs is something which fills me with pride, the very same pride I feel when I see so many people letting themselves go on the dance floor and enjoying themselves to the full.

Gv lifestyle

All my priorities taken together have led to me coining an entirely personal way of life, the so-called GV LIFESTYLE. I like the idea of showing myself to the world and giving people a few ideas to help them to stand out, improve themselves and laugh at life’s difficulties a little more. That’s why I thought I’d make public my approach to clothing, enjoying the wealth accumulated in years of career and living my every day life cheerfully. I’m looking for neither envy nor consensus. I just want to give people the chance to believe in themselves and never give up self-irony.